Kick start

The arrival of a skein of mohair/wool worsted (I’d say more of a DK) from A Piece of Vermont was all I needed to make me pick up some UFO’s and get working to clear off some needles. I have the Wasabi project 3/4 done now. Maybe one more evenings worth of knitting on it. (it will be Friday since tomorrow night is the charity knit night) And then I’ll complete leopard sock 2. Meanwhile I’ll keep my new worsted right by my side as encouragement.
Ruby joined in on this picture so I could do a side by side comparison of the yarn softness vs cat belly fur.
Close up of the new yarn.

In news from the other side of the state, Graham announced today that he now officially has junior class status (he started at SU 9/05). Yeah!!! Doesn’t shorten the time it will take to get his BS in Mechanical Engineering though. Wish I had his energy. He’s taking a full and difficult class load this quarter, plus his undergraduate research, and is on the intermural soccer team, and is one of the leads on his HPV team, and is cooking on Friday’s for Street Feed. He got his large group cooking experience working as the staff chef at Camp Wallowa (the BSA’s Blue Mountain Council’s Order of the Arrow Ordeal Camp) in 2002 before the kitchen and dining hall was destroyed by a flood and landslide. He wasn’t scheduled to be there that week.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Jan 25, 2007 @ 13:04:38

    Oh, that new yarn is really pretty!


  2. Cristina
    Jan 27, 2007 @ 02:34:18

    ooh this yarn is beautiful! i’ve been meaning to pick up some of jessies beauties…


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