Back to the future part II

So by yesterday I was thinking that I really needed a success story. Some mindless knitting that I couldn’t screw up. String Theory had highlighted the Binary Hat she made for her handsome hubby so I stopped by the LYS and bought 2 skeins of Cascade 220 Heather to make one for my brother. Translated my secret message in the binary decoder and away I went making sure I had the instructions to “jogless joins” at my side since I was knitting in the round. What could be more mindless knitting that a plain ol’ hat (‘cept maybe a garter stitch scarf).

Jogless my ass! And it never got any better. It was worse than joggy, it was herky jerky. I read and re-read the instructions, tore out, planned different, tried again and ripped out 5 inches back to nothingness. Yes yesterday was WTF so I should have known. Keee-rap. As I was ripping out I was thinking would my brother really care that there are jogs??? Probably not after he read the binary secret message I was knitting into the hat and laughing his head off. So tonight, I’m recasting on and jogging and not giving a damn. (Anyway I am not the only one that tried it and said WTF. If you google you’ll find other people that tried the jogless and said to heck with it.)

You wanna know why? Because all I want is one little success this week to get my k-mojo back. And because after I finished rewinding the blue and green yarns I was making the binary hat from, I picked up my gold lace scarf and found that the little yellow sticky that was marking my spot on the pattern had fallen off. I’m afraid to start Leopard sock 2.

I leave you with yesterday’s snow from the evening before that caused 150 accidents in the area. .5″ WTF.
p.s. I had to go over to our shipping and receiving department, making me half way to the “name brand” latte shop. Oh big big big mistake. I was ok going in. On the way out it was torture. All the new table with comfy chairs were calling my name. Beautiful snow falling out side the window. Yarn and needles in the truck. Coffe in hand. SNAP OUT OF IT GIRL – work was waiting for me back at the office.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Jan 19, 2007 @ 00:11:28

    *crosses fingers for you*


  2. Jeanne
    Jan 19, 2007 @ 11:37:36

    Sorry that your knitting mojo is playing with you this week. I haven’t tried the jogless thing – but it sounds terrible! You will get your mojo back – you knit beautifully, so this must just be one of those weeks! Can’t wait to see the hat.


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