Back to the future

My knitting lately has been kind of like a time machine. Or maybe it’s like a snail slithering up a post. You know, knit a foot, rip back a foot and a half.

Last night I put skein 3 of my charcoal romney on the ball winder and sat down to add it to the half done scarf for Betsy. Mmmm, odd, a little light. Not the color saturation, the grist of the yarn. Oh crap. Grabbed the 4th and last skein. Same thing. A tiny bit heavier but not matching the first two that were already knitted into 35 inches of scarf. Tore it back to nothingness.

Since I was in the tear back mood and the gold lace was just a sampler I ripped it back to nothingness too. I decided to reknit it as a single wide lace pattern repeat with 2 stitch garter on each side and on US5’s instead of 3’s as used in the original pattern. 100 yards so I will just knit till I run out of yarn. By the time American Idol was over I’d knit 6 inches but tore out 39.

We turned to our local PBS station after AI and finished watching there. At 10:30 Independant Lens came on. Fastinating. A piece called Shadya. I knew how it was going to end.


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  1. Chris
    Jan 17, 2007 @ 16:51:45

    I hate it when knitting is like that – so frustrating!


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