Turn off the TV

Thank goodness, it finally got turned off. I was so bored to tears with football being on TV. OK sure I could have gone to a different room to knit, but I had my best knitting buddies sitting beside me (Rufus) and behind me (Ruby) (oh and knitting hubby in his chair next to me) so I really didn’t want to. Instead of casting on sock 2, I continued on my handspun scarf for Betsy. I finally got into the swing of things with the very easy pattern repeat and only accidently added an extra stitch once in the 16 inches I knitted last night. I’m now even thinking of using the Yarn Harlot pattern, minus a repeat, for the Robin Dodge handdyed handspun yarn I have.

This coming Saturday I’ll be taking a class in backwards knitting at the LYS. Just to say I know how. I really don’t want to do either enterlac or the lizard afgan thing. I will though just to make a little knitted clutch purse from the sample. I choose a Noro Kureyon in dark purple, black and I think there is a dark gold in there. I also had Judie put me on the list for a two handed knitting/mitten class. Last time I took a class in it was 15-16 years ago and I’d like to learn again. I mean have you seen the latest Pieceworks magazine? Yum!


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  1. Rae
    Jan 16, 2007 @ 05:00:46

    let me know how the class is on Lizard Ridge. I’m signed up for the class on a Wednesday night. Sheeps has the slipper pattern. And its a project right up your alley as they take about a week to knit up…. Maybe I’ll get to see you and the rest of the gang on Friday night.


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