I think I left my brain at home too

I’ve been working Washington DC office hours this week from my desk in Washington state and have a bit of a case of ??? desk lag??? I did remember to drive the Pathfinder rather than the pick up truck that is in dire need of new front brakes. And I did remember to bring my access badge to get into my office.

First I couldn’t find my lighter fleece jacket anywhere in the house and I know I wore it into the house last evening. Then I forgot my cell phone, a pile of letters and bills I need to mail, my camera with pictures of my Claudia’s Hand Painted sock #1 ready to have its heel turned, my lunch in the fridge, a new package of coffee filters (those little Melitta size 1’s so it’s not like I can steal borrow one from the coffee pool) and my new package of Ricola Honey Lemon with Echinacea drops for my scratchy throat.

The only good news out of this is I did remember to pack my sock #1 so if I get a lunch break I can turn my heel before I go home!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Jan 10, 2007 @ 18:28:13

    Sounds like you need a do over.


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