103 Things About Me

I’ve been blogging for 12+ years. My brother and I blogged about recumbent biking when we both had enough energy to bike over 2000 miles a year. Ah no. Not any more. So here is the list. 103 instead of 100 because I like to be different.

1. I’ve been married to my wonderful Knitting Hubby for over 30 years.
2. He wanted 12 kids I wanted zero. We settled on one.
3. I think you’ve read how wonderful, etc. our son Graham is.
4. I’ve been knitting since I was 5 or 6.
5. I’ve been weaving since high school.
6. I’ve done all sorts of fiber arts since I was a kid.
7. I shared studio space with a woman that is now a well known batik artist. I run into her art on greeting cards a lot.
7. My degree is in Fine Arts. I have a BFA in Studio and Graphic Arts.
8. My first post graduation job was as an avigational cartographer. So if you were piloting in the mid-70’s, you were using Jepp-Charts that I created by hand. (no computers back then)
9. I got my first Macintosh on March 13, 1984.
10. My favorite spectator sports are curling and rodeo.
10. My first scooter was a Yamaha. Now it’s a Vespa that I’ve put 13,000 miles on.
11. I love wine, I love grapes, I drink grape juice. But I hate all other things that taste “grape”.
12. I’ve had cats since before I could crawl.
13. Juneau is my first dog ever.
14. I have an iPhone. (duh…)
15. I wore braces on my teeth for over 5 years.
16. My pre-braces teeth mold was in my Dr.’s worst case case for as long as I remember.
17. I love temperatures in the 50’s to low 60’s. That’s my comfort range.
18. I love cold weather in general.
19. Speaking of weather, if the humidity is over about 24% I really suffer (and bitch).
20. My favorite mixed drink is a Bloody Mary, but I’m pretty fussy about the recipe.
21. 99% of the time I end up being the designated driver so I never get to drink my favorite.
22. My fantasy motorcycle is a Moto Guzzi Nevada Classic 750 in red. But I’d need it lowered 2 inches.
23. I think I’ll buy a Mega Millions ticket.
24. I won’t tell you how many Keen shoes I own.
25. I try to watch all the televised the University of Colorado football games. Go Buffs!!
26. I can’t read sheet music.
27. I don’t know my left from my right.
28. I don’t know lower case p,d,q, or b’s from each other when I write them by hand. (dysgraphia)
29. Pantone number 262C is my favorite color.
30. I’m not a girly girl.
31. I’ve climbed more trees than you. Unless you are an arborist. See above.
32. Did I mention spinning?
33. I took my first spinning lessons from Tom Knisley at the Mannings in PA in 1990.
34. The only soap opera I ever followed was “Dark Shadows”.
35. I love the low low low notes of the bass.
36. I can’t fish to save my life. (like the segue there??)
37. Betsy and I have been best friends since July of 1965.
38. We couldn’t meet right away because we both had strep throat at the same time when I moved in across the street.
39. I always likes Classmates.com better than Twitter or Facebook. Not a Twitter person at all.
40. I’ve been on Classmates since there were only three of us for our 710 person graduating class.
41. I flunked junior high algebra.
42. I got A’s in any other math I ever took. But that’s not saying much.
43. I’m Italian-Norwegian.
45. I like to watch my favorite movies on tv from any point that I walk into the room. Almost the credits rolling? No problem.
46. I could care less about chocolate, only eating occasionally.
47. Fight you to the death though for fresh raspberries.
48. My friend Linda (RIP) and I wrote the lyrics to “The 12 days of Physics” for the science wing showcase in the 11th grade.
49. I was one of 6 girls that took high school physics my year. Physics is phun.
50. When we used to drive to South Dakota, my favorite stretch east bound is the Livingston Valley in Montana.
51. I like taking Amtrak cross county.
52. I tried to have visited all 50 states before I was 50 but am 5 short.
53. I have been to the more difficult ones – Alaska and Hawaii.
54. I was an airline brat.
55. My favorite TV shows growing up and in college were “The Avengers” (only the original with Emma Peel), Secret Agent, The Prisoner, Man from Uncle, the Carol Burnett Show, Laugh-In, and the original years of SNL.
56. Oct 11, 1975 is an important date in my TV timeline.
57. My favorite pizza in the world is from Angelo’s at 115 Queen Ann Road in Bogota, NJ. But I haven’t had any since June of 1971. (they still exist so if anyone is headed to Bogota, can you grab me some??)
58. I am an ice tea addict. Again, fussy about it.
59. I quit drinking cola drinks in 1977 when I was an extreme Pepsi addict.
60. I didn’t drink carbonated drinks from 1977 to 1990 when we moved to MD and couldn’t get any thing but sweet tea. So I started drinking Diet Squirt and Diet Dew again.
61.I can only stand to wear 100% natural fabrics. I test if something has synthetics by holding it my hand. It will make my hands tingle. Except though for polar fleece.
62. I usually pick the winner or runner up of American Idol and the Next Food Network Star by the second week of the competition.
63. I love maps!
64. Oh did I mention I love to look up stuff one the internet? I was that kid you hated in the 3rd grade that when the teacher asked for someone to go look something up, I was up out of my seat and halfway to the library before the teacher had finished the sentence.
65. My favorite chick flicks? No Reservations and French Kiss. Unless you count all my favorite Cary Grant movies as chick flicks. That adds a ton.
66. You’ve read by now that I have 2 Maine Coon cats. Rufus and his daughter Ruby. They do look very much alike though Ruby has her mother Suzanna’s red fur.
67. My two current junk TV stations on DirectTV? Velocity and Food Network. At least my cooking is good.
68. In high school we had those blue chambre covered 3 ring binders. I decorated mine by drawing and coloring in with Flair pens, Peter Max art.
69. I met the artist Claes Oldenburg in the early 70’s. That’s why I get all excited when bloggers post his art. Thanks Chris!!
70. My favorite Baskin Robins ice cream was “Here comes the fudge”. Discontinued in the early 80’s. Sigh.
71. I love bread pudding. Good gooey bread pudding.
72. One time I went to visit an old family friend. She wasn’t home but there was a berry crate filled with fresh picked raspberries. I ate and ate and then had to “fluff” up the berries so it didn’t look like any were missing.
73. I’d vacation again in Alaska in a heartbeat.
74. One word. Barefoot.
75. I’m sure my friend Michelle and I invented the basketball game where you jump on trampolines to shoot about 45 years ago.
76. I learned to sew on a White treadle machine.
77. I worked in the yarn department at Newbury’s when I was in high school. (ours was a Hested’s store, what Newbury’s was called in Colorado.
78. I spent my wonder bread years in the Seattle area.
79. I like my day pack so much I have it in 3 different colors. (and Knitting Hubby has the same one in 3 other colors)
80. I am panicking because Naproxem Sodium PM is no longer on the market! (Aleve PM)
81. I taught my brother how to drive a manual transmission.
82. My REI polar fleece jacket will just had it’s 23rd birthday.
83. My REI membership is only 6 numbers.
84. I no longer own kayaks (see 1)
85. I think maybe I could qualify to decorate cakes on Ace of Cakes.
86. I managed a bowling team one time, but didn’t bowl on it.
87. I was an AMF certified bowling alley mechanic for a couple of years. And I managed the pin boys.
88. I started writing HTML in 1994.
89. It was easy for me since I’d developed products in HyperCard a few years before that so I had the mind set down.
90. My best friend when I was little had a roller coaster built on to her back fence. Loved it!
91. I love the Oregon coast. I could live in Cannon Beach. Of course after I win the Mega Millions lottery.
92. Candy of choice on road trips? Good and Plenty.
93. I had the shingles a few years ago. The year before the FDA oked the Shingles vaccine of course.
94. I love taking ferry boat rides through the San Juan Islands.
95. I’m extremely nearsighted, can’t focus past about the 4 inch mark any more. Almost get newsprint on my nose reading the morning paper.
96. I was a Blue Bird when we lived in WA as a kid.
97. Then I did Girl Scouts when we moved to CO.
98. I met Judie Collins in 1968 when she used to visit my home ec class. (ok so most of you will need to look up Judy Collins. I’ll wait right here until you come back)
99. i saw the Rolling Stones, YES, Sugarloaf, Stevie Wonder, Jethro Tull, Arlo Guthrie and many more in concert the first time around. Not at reunion tours.
100. Wny is it that when I’m in Boulder, burned out hippies from the early 70’s still say hi to me.
101. Orange Nehi? yes.
102. I have to sleep with at least 3 pillows.
103. I dyed my hands black with silver nitrate the day before junior prom.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chris
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 07:26:45

    Hee hee – I’d probably better not share the total number of Keens I own, either! 🙂

    I think you need to share some pictures of your decorated cakes.

    Fun list!


  2. ladyoftheloom
    Mar 25, 2010 @ 08:29:07

    YES, Tull, blue chambray notebooks, Flair pens, Dark Shadows, iced tea, Good and Plenty, Mac not PC, and fiber of course. I think we would get along great!

    Thanks for reading my blog and leaving a comment. Love your Maine Coons and your doggie Juneau!

    aka LadyoftheLoom (LOL)


  3. Cindy Jewell
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 11:02:42

    Did you really meet Judy Collins?
    My Wonder Bread years were spent across the river in Pasco.
    I went looking for West Richland Blogs and found some photos you posted in 2006, so now I am just waiting for more.
    I have been knitting the same scarf for a year. And it is only 8″ wide.
    I work as a GIS Tech although I am really a Landscape Architect. (it pays the bills)
    Friends in Art and Maps,
    CJ in West Richland


  4. brickthomas
    Sep 08, 2015 @ 12:28:00

    Thank you for stopping by and checking out my site. I look forward to seeing more of your site and art.


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